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Why your business will suffer if you're not creating content
02 Feb 2023

Have you ever heard of the seven touches of marketing?

On average a consumer needs to come into contact with a business seven times before they decide to become a customer or not. 

What does that mean?

The seven touches could be meeting at an event, finding you on social media, coming across your website through a blog, receiving a leaflet through their door - the list goes on! To put it simply, it’s any way for them to have had some sort of ‘touch’.

Any of these things is likely to happen seven times before someone makes a purchasing choice.

If you’re not creating content for your business, the number of opportunities to come into contact with someone decreases drastically. 


Typically, people are more likely to come across your content before they come face to face with your business. 

Yes, people can meet you at events but usually they’ve come across your content along the way - even if that’s just your logo or branding. And if not, usually the first thing they do is look for your content after meeting you…

If you’re not creating regular, fresh content like blogs, social media posts and press releases then how are people meant to find out you exist? 

Word of mouth is a powerful thing but, for someone to enquire, it should be supported by a great website with fantastic copy and quality social media posts.

Likewise, if someone spots your logo somewhere and then visits your website or social platforms to find the last update was posted years ago, they’re going to think you’re no longer in business. That’s not really the impression you want to give!

You’re cutting out a large ‘chunk’ of potential clients if you’re not creating fresh content.

So… what content should you be creating?

‘Content’ is a very loose term - types of content can range anywhere from pages-long information guides to two-second videos. The type of content you create is completely down to you and your business type, but there are some forms you shouldn’t be missing out on.


Your website is your virtual shop window. If your shop window is filled with dust and cobwebs (when it’s not Halloween) you’re going to struggle to entice people, and it’s exactly the same online.

Website content should match your business’ tone of voice. Not only that, it should be informative, helpful, and give page visitors exactly what they’re looking for. 


Your blogs fall under your website and are the dynamic side of your site. While website content is static, your blogs should be updated regularly. 

Blogs can focus on various topics. Perhaps you’ve received a lot of questions about one area of your business, or you’re wanting to advise on industry trends? Whatever you’re writing about, the content should be well-written and - that all-important word - consistent.


Content made for print media, such as press releases, editorials and advertorials, is the perfect way to support your digital presence. People might not stumble across your website, but they can stumble across your story in the local paper! 

Sharing your exciting news and expertise is a brilliant way to gain credibility, and research shows print media is more trusted than social media content. See the two as each other’s sidekicks; you can have one without the other, but they won’t be quite so great.

Social media

Speaking of social media content… 

Much like your website, your social media pages are virtual ‘peeks’ into your business. People should visit your platforms and have an immediate understanding of what you do and who you are. 

Your social media content should use your brand’s tone of voice but should be shorter and less in-depth than your other written content. If you want to delve deeper into a topic, it’s worth writing a blog or having a whole webpage about it, which you can link to in your social posts.

It’s not always written content - that’s just what we do!

Quality graphic design, billboard ads, great videos, business cards… all of these things are classed as ‘content’, plus much more. Whichever style you opt for, make sure you’re doing so with your target audience in mind.

It’s about balance and consistency

Don’t pile all of your eggs into one basket, but don’t spread yourself too thin either!

Balancing the ‘right’ amount of content can be a difficult tightrope, but any content is so much better than none!

Go back to those touches of marketing and have a think about your target audience. 

What are the best methods to put your target consumers in touch with you? Are they social media users? Do they read the newspaper? Attend networking events? 

Find a balance between reaching as many people in your target audience as possible without overextending yourself, and you should be in the sweet spot!

Last, but by no means least, we’re bringing up that vital word again - consistency! Stay consistent with your content, networking, and other methods of communication and you will reap the rewards. Even if you’re at full capacity, remaining consistent ensures you will still be recommended and your reputation doesn’t falter. 

Let us do our bit!

This blog might have left you with a to do list as long as your arm, but it doesn’t need to be that way. In-house marketers (or anyone with the responsibility of your marketing) have plenty on their plates as it is, and we’re here to lighten the load.

From attending one-to-one training sessions so you can brush up your skills, to becoming a retained client so your PR is in our hands, we want to support your business in its growth. Email us at info@jandpr.com or ring us on 01952 951 263 and let’s create some content!