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Why infographics are the perfect source of visual content
30 Jan 2017
by Rebecca Dutton

We all know digital PR is on the up and is something none of us can afford to ignore. It is used by brands to increase their online presence, brand recognition and to drive website traffic.

Digital PR doesn’t just focus on the number of followers on social media sites but evaluates domain authority and non-paid opportunities for link citations. It is about more than just the number of shares or likes you receive.

There are all sorts of tools available for digital PR, such as blogging, social media, Search Engine Optimisation and visual content.

We love the infographic, which helps simplify a complicated subject or makes a boring subject more interesting.

The key is they are visually engaging and simple for people to understand. The goal is for the infographic to be shared and shared again and create a buzz around your idea.

Our client Ascendancy Internet Marketing, based in Shifnal, has started doing infographics for its customers and is having huge success already.

One of their first infographics is for a marquee company about the rise of winter weddings.

Director Helen Culshaw said: “The infographic is really eye-catching and helps people take in a lot of information quickly.

“Jigsaw marquees realised that winter weddings are proving very popular and then we carried out some research by looking at how people are searching on Google and created a funky infographic.

“Research shows that infographics are 30 per cent more likely to be read than text articles and publishers that use them grow on average 12 per cent more than those who don’t.

“Infographics can help drive more traffic to your website as they help increase search engine optimisation.”

We think they are a great idea to explain an idea quickly while engaging your audience.

Have a look at Ascendancy’s infographic below and think how beneficial this could be for your business.