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Which video conferencing tool is the best to use?
23 Sep 2020
by Rhea Alton

Video conferencing has skyrocketed in 2020 for obvious reasons - we're sure you've heard about the Coronavirus pandemic? 


But like any new system, it is hard to guess what will be the best one and it is not really feasible to try them all.


So, we opened up the question to the businesses on LinkedIn and asked them what would be their preferred video conferencing tool?


The results?


Out of 108 people who took part in the poll it was a clear lead for Zoom, a video conferencing tool launched in 2011.


Zoom - 53%
Microsoft Teams - 36%
Google Meet - 9%
Skype - 2%

We also got a lot of feedback on the various video conferencing tools out there - so we thought we would share them.




The breakout rooms and poll functions of Zoom were mentioned as some of the reasons people prefer to use it as a business tool, with the added bonus that both of these are available in the free version.


It is a tool being used for virtual classrooms with many users saying they feel it is more user friendly in comparison to others, this was also highlighted in terms of its use for webinars.


The gallery view option of Zoom was also highlighted as a major benefit, and users said Zoom was more reliable in terms of video during peak periods.


Zoom was also praised for not trying to convert everything into a specific office suit - giving people the ability to keep their video conferencing separate.


Microsoft Teams


Many preferred Teams as it is included in Office 365 subscriptions which many businesses found their clients also subscribed to and therefore it works well in terms of client relationships via accessible video.


Teams was also praised for its privacy and security - with many larger companies insisting on its use - and for its functionality to do so much more than conference calls.


Google Meet


Ease of use was the top point in terms of Google Meet, both for larger businesses and SMEs and sole traders.


Other tools mentioned…


Both Mirrorfly and Goto were other tools mentioned - Mirrorfly was said to be a great looking app that was simple to use and makes real-time business chat integration much simpler. 


Goto was described as great for robust calls with variable bandwidth and features.

If your favourite isn't on here - although we're sure it's probably been mentioned - then be sure to share your thoughts with us.