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Welcoming a new member to the J&PR team
01 Jan 2014
by Rebecca Dutton
Baby Ellis

Baby Ellis

It’s not often that the whole J&PR team comes together face to face so we were all very excited about a working lunch organised by our managing director Rhea Alton.
But, as Rhea was nine months pregnant, we decided to hijack the event and turn it into a surprise baby shower with her friends at SoFood! Diner, Maple House, Telford.
A delivery of good luck cupcakes, balloons and banners and afternoon tea, including homemade Victoria sponge and children’s meals was pre-ordered and everything was ready to celebrate the baby’s impending arrival.
But the delivery became something much more special as it turned out baby Ellis Sebastian had other ideas.
He decided to kick things off as he didn’t think Mummy should be relaxing at a baby shower with her friends when he could join in too.
So after frantic phone calls to cancel the baby shower, the rest of the J&PR team had to anxiously bite our nails as we waited for news from the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital.
Finally we received a text that Ellis was born at 6.33pm on Friday May 31, weighing 81b 4oz.
Despite having to cancel the baby shower at such short notice, Sofood! owner Mike Cosgrove was very understanding and even suggested he could deliver the afternoon tea to the labour ward of RSH and emailed at 10pm that night to check on the progress.
J&PR managing director Kirsty Smallman and account manager Rebecca Dutton made sure they were first-in-line for cuddles with Ellis the next day to visit the beautiful baby boy and his very relaxed-looking mummy.
We even sneaked in a few good luck cupcakes, which we’re sure will be appreciated by Rhea’s many visitors and by Rhea herself when she’s up feeding at 2am.
Now Mummy and baby are settled back at home with Dad Simon and big brother George, two, and the whole team would like to wish them all our love.
Rhea will be taking a break from J&PR while she tends to her little family but the rest of the team are ready to help our clients, old and new, with all their PR needs.
And because we can’t miss a chance to celebrate (and eat cake), we’ll be heading to SoFood! Diner to try their latest menu just as soon as Ellis is ready for an outing to celebrate his arrival.
After all, he just wanted to join in the party too.

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