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For better, for worse, for richer, for… poorer guests! Weddings – the cost to guests.
28 Jul 2015
by Dani Wozencroft

Last week I went to a wedding.
This week I am going to a wedding.
Next year I know eight couples getting married.

I appear to be of ‘that age’ where everyone I know is getting married.
Of course, I love them all dearly – friends, family and work colleagues – but it is an awful lot of weddings!

I am doubling up on dresses that I already have, recycling them for use for the groups of people who don’t know each other, but there will undoubtedly be pictures on Facebook. You just can’t escape.
I’m thinking I can get away with four dresses between all the weddings, I have bought two so far and managed to get a brilliant bargain on one of them, totalling £50.

My husband lost a suit jacket at last week’s wedding (presumed another male thought it was theirs – Next don’t do the suit anymore, ahhhh) so he says he’s going to have to buy a suit. £100.

And presents, I have looked at the gift lists I have and bought some little bits for the others without an invite/list yet. If I spend £20 on each couple I’m on £200 for presents

And travelling there. Last week’s was in Lymm, this week’s is Shifnal (hurrah!), next year it will be Cardiff, London, Derbyshire, London, London and Shropshire (one is even discussing the possibility of Vegas but for the purposes of this blog, it’s not confirmed so it’s not going in). I could mix it up, get the train sometimes and drive sometimes. I am going to budget about £40 a time for travel for my husband and I, so we’re on £400 for that.

Well, while you’re heading to London or Cardiff for a wedding, you’re not going to drive back that night! Luckily there is plenty of people we can stay with for some of these weddings, but on the odd occasion we might have to stay overnight. That’s £150 in the kitty (love a budget hotel).

While there, we’ll probably have a celebratory drink – hell, I might even buy one for the bride and groom to wish them well. I’m going to go with £40 a night (I can live on soda water and lime) so that’s £400.

Hen do!! Two of them are my very good friends and one a step-sister, I will not want to miss the hen do. Some sort of travelling, activity, dinner etc…. I’m going with £70 each. So £210.
Presume no invite to the stag do for husband.

I make that £1,510.
I had better make do with the two dresses I have.

I love marriage, I love weddings and I love love! Last time we had a ‘year of the weddings’ was 2010 (6 weddings that year, already beaten hands down) – luckily we haven’t had many at all since then so I’ve been able to save up. I’m not complaining in any way: I will have a great time, see my friends and family (can’t put a price on that….) and will probably be fed delicious food too. But it’s a myth that weddings are just expensive for the bride and groom (or their parents, as the case may be).

Best start saving – that, or the bride and grooms will read this and I won’t get an invite now!