What's happening?

J&PR Takeover... we're ready, are you?
04 Jun 2021

At J&PR we have always loved providing social media and PR training, and recently we’ve seen a real boom in businesses wanting to develop their own social media and PR skills. 

With the virtual training offer sky-rocketing over the last 15 months, we have worked with businesses all over the country, and we have LOVED it! So much so that we’ve decided to provide virtual training for the foreseeable future.

Not just that, but we have also given our training sessions a bit of an upgrade - let us introduce you to our Two-Hour Takeovers!

What is the Two-Hour Takeover?

We’ll let you guess how long these sessions are…

Our Two-Hour Takeovers are the social media and PR training sessions we provide at J&PR. We will spend two hours (congrats if you guessed it!) with you and will work on your chosen area of development.

In most cases, we will literally ‘take over’ and will show you exactly what you should be doing while you work alongside us. That may be drafting a press release with you until it’s perfect and ready to be distributed, or writing your social media schedule for the next month or showing you how to use Canva easily to save you time. This is about building your confidence and skills so you know what you are doing is right.

What can we help you with?

We are currently providing our Two-Hour Takeover sessions for the following areas:

  • PR 
  • Blog writing
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Canva

Will we only provide virtual training?

We love seeing our clients face to face, but we understand that virtual training can be more appealing to some businesses (especially those that are far away).

Offering virtual training reduces carbon emissions and helps us support ambitions for net zero carbon by 2050 - something we're extremely passionate about. By making our training virtual, we've completely reduced emissions that were previously generated by us when we used to travel to individual clients. Now, all we have to do is travel from our virtual calendar to Zoom!

Clients are always welcome to visit us to attend training sessions, but we ask that you consider the environment when making this decision.  

We also provide extensive training courses if you fancy a whole day out - Kirsty is booked in to host her next Social Media and PR training course at Shropshire Chamber of Commerce on 24th June, and then another on 14th July.

Why have we decided to continue with virtual training?

There were many reasons why we made the decision to continue providing virtual training, especially in the world of Covid-19. 

Training people virtually is far safer for everyone in terms of Covid. We understand that restrictions are easing but some people don’t yet feel comfortable returning to face to face meetings… we couldn’t have them missing out!

We’ve also expanded where we provide training. Businesses across the UK have chosen us for their social media and PR training over the past 15 months and it makes us far more accessible for those businesses if we continue to host virtual training. We wouldn’t have dreamed of training people in Scotland 18 months ago!

Clients no longer have to travel to our office in Wellington to attend a training session - they can do it from the comfort of their own office (which may still be at home!).

We can sometimes train multiple businesses in one day - could you imagine how much better it is for the environment that we’re not travelling to each one? Clients don’t need to travel to us (or us to them) if they don’t wish to, which means there’s at least one less car journey. 

How do I book a session?

If you would like to book a Two-Hour Takeover send us an email to info@jandpr.com. Please let us know which area you would like us to focus on and whether you’d prefer a virtual or face to face session, we can then send you the availability of the relevant team member and you can transform your social media and PR together!

Our virtual one-to-one Two-Hour Takeovers cost just £149 + VAT (£49+ VAT per person thereafter). Bespoke in-house training sessions can be quoted for too.