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Two hours with Kirsty – exhausting, fun but you get the (PR/Marketing) job done!
19 Oct 2018
by Jan Minihane

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I’m no Mystic Meg but I know if you run a small business – maybe it’s just you or you have a small team – on your to-do list somewhere it will say “Marketing”, “Social Media” or “PR”.

Has it been there a week, a month or even 12 months? We know what you do – you do all of the work for your clients first and then think about your business second and by that point you are exhausted! We get that because we’ve been there and done it!

At J&PR we’ve got the perfect solution to help you sort out your PR and marketing for YOUR business ready for 2019.

Two hours, in our offices and we get the job done! Social media, blogs, press releases, website copy, newsletters, advertising review … your choice.

Our two hour mentoring and training sessions have been around for a few years now and continue to keep us busy. If you speak to anyone who has attended our training sessions they will explain how you definitely get the jobs done – as Kirsty often tells people “you talk at me and I type!”

Many people book six or 12 sessions a year as they know the thought of returning makes them do the tasks and then we check what they have done and plan for the next period.

Ask yourself:

  • Are you really good at posting on Facebook but haven’t got a clue about paid advertising or how to run a strategic campaign?
  • Do you use LinkedIn but not sure why or how to be more effective?
  • Are you tempted to start using Instagram because everyone else is?
  • Have you got a blog tab on your website but the last blog is on the launch of your business in 2012? (Let’s face it anyone looking at that will think you didn’t last longer than a week!)
  • Did you create a PR plan last year but never quite got around to writing or distributing the press releases?
  • Have you been meaning to edit the copy on your website but read it over and over and never know what to change or why?
  • Did you create a newsletter template but never got around to putting any copy on it or distributing it?
  • Do you think your business is boring and hasn’t got anything to tell people about? (90% of the people we train tell us this and then start telling us about the fabulous work they do!)

Did you answer ‘YES’ to any of those questions?

Right, let’s get the job done and get your PR and online marketing planning for 2019 in place! Email Kirsty@jandpr.com to book a two-hour mentoring session to be held at the J&PR offices at The Glebe in Wellington, Telford, for £149 + VAT.