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Two heads are better than one…..
11 Feb 2012
by Rhea Alton

They say two heads are better than one and I have no doubt that they (whoever ‘they’ may be) are right.

I really enjoy working with small and medium businesses in Shropshire but there are so many of them and only one of me…that is until March 5th when I will be joined by Kirsty Smallman.

Kirsty was a colleague of mine when I worked on the Shropshire Star and has clocked up 10 years journalism experience.

She has the same work ethic as me and the same passion for sole-traders and small businesses and I cannot wait for her to start.

Kirsty will cover the Telford and Oswestry areas primarily but we will also match clients with who we think will work best with them – when Shawbury-based Mountain Philosophy approached us about promoting guided charity walks up Snowdon I knew Kirsty, who scaled Snowdon at the end of last year, would be the best PR for them.

We will also be able to step up our DIY PR training courses for those businesses who would like to learn how to do basic PR themselves and will be working hard to promote our sponsored charities – the North Shrewsbury Friendly Neighbours and Medic Malawi.

Roll on March 5th!!!