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Tutoring company to support secondary school pupils
04 May 2016
by Rhea Alton

A family-run tutoring company is branching out to provide support to secondary school students.
For the last three years Shropshire Tutor has been providing maths and English tutoring sessions to primary school children as well as delivering Little Learner programmes in nurseries.
However, due to demand from parents, owner Adele Conlon has now taken on two more tutors to deliver maths and science tutoring at GCSE level.
Miss Conlon said: “Since starting the business our focus has been on providing tutoring to primary children and in particular those in Year 6 who are undergoing SATs tests.
“But more recently we have been receiving lots of requests from parents and past pupils looking for support with their GCSE maths and science subjects so have decided to take on two more tutors to provide help and support in these subject areas.
“It takes the business to a new level and is extremely exciting.”
Both tutors have a wealth of teaching experience and from September will be running small group sessions for GCSE maths and science.
Also, due to continued demand by nursery providers for the businesses Little Learner packages in letters and sounds and marvellous maths Shropshire Tutor, which is based in Telford, has also taken on another preschool tutor.
“Our new pre-school tutor has 15 experience delivering the Early Years Foundation Stage framework to children so is perfect for the role.,” explained Miss Conlon.
“She is full of energy and enthusiasm which is key when working with young children. She is currently shadowing me to get to grips with how the sessions run but will then be delivering the packages herself in another two nurseries.
“In total we now run Little Learners in seven different nurseries across Shropshire and we have so much fun.
“I think nursery providers and parents see a real benefit to introducing their children to maths and letters and sounds at an early age.
“It not only prepares them for school but also teaches them that learning can be fun, enjoyable and engaging.
“We are really passionate about that and we love what we do.”
In September Miss Conlon also plans to launch a new Little Learner package centered around Forest Schools and incorporating story-telling and maths and English skills.
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