What's happening?

Together, Two Metres Apart
12 May 2020
by Sophie Coombs

The wonderful Fliss from J&PR has written a poem about the current situation. It’s so beautiful that we just had to share:

Together, Two Metres Apart

It arrived, quietly, in the blink of an eye
Swirling lives round like a Van Gogh sky
A new world with fighting for toilet roll
Where stores hired staff for crowd control
But the tough British spirit came to the fore
Battening down hatches for the Covid war
Faced with the grim daily virus statistic
We chose humour, kindness and being artistic

We baked like sugar-driven lunatics
We ached all over because of Joe Wicks
We took video calls in last night’s PJs
Inevitably, we lost any track of the days
People put bins out in fancy ball gowns
Goats and foxes overran towns
The Government gave us daily updates
While Gary Barlow crooned with his mates

Our hands resembled much-used sandpaper
Wake-up and bed times moved later and later
Our children needed limitless snacks
We thanked God for cereal and multi-packs
That thanks also went to Netflix and Prime
With the likes of Tiger King filling the time
Our tables were filled with crafts and glue
We tried not to feel overwhelmed or blue

We took our daily strolls within reach
We cursed the idiots caught on the beach
We did quizzes, polls and chatted online
We ate many biscuits and drank too much wine
We cut our own hair, atrociously
Our fantasies revolved around KFC
We attempted to work and school children from home
We worried about grandparents all alone

We stood together, two metres apart
And the NHS was our beating heart
Their bravery filled the nation with pride
All we were asked was to stay inside
We hugged a little closer our children, men and wives
And appreciated those risking their lives
We learned the meaning of the word ‘hero’
We’re indebted to them…more than they know

By Felicity Roberts