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Time for a Jolly Good Bike Ride
05 Jun 2014
by Rebecca Dutton
Lorna McCann

Lorna McCann

By Lorna McCann

Cycling has gone a bit mad here in Shropshire. A couple of weeks ago former British cycling champion Chris Boardman MBE rode into town and on Sunday past (May 25) Olympic gold medalist Joanna Rowsell MBE took part in the hugely successful Shrewsbury Cycle Grand Prix along with 130 or so amateur and professional cyclists from across the UK.

There is a real buzz in the air about cycling and everyone seems to be jumping on their bike for one reason or another so, I thought I’d join the craze.

I’ve gone and signed up for a 50 mile charity bike ride on Sunday July 13 in an effort to help raise £10,000 for local charities in Shropshire and North Wales.

The event is being organised by one of J&PR’s many community-minded clients – Jolly Good Vehicle Rentals – and they need at least 100 riders to take part.

So far, 50 or so riders, including myself and hubby, have committed ourselves to the challenge which will see us cycle from Jolly Good’s depot in Pandy, Wrexham, to Hickory’s Smokehouse in Chester and back again.

Well, it won’t be much of a challenge for my other half. He’s a bit of a seasoned biker and is well accustomed to clocking up the miles in the saddle.

Whilst I on the other hand have never cycled more than about 35 miles in one day and that was some years ago and pre-babies.

With two young boys to entertain day in and day out, as well as a part time job, finding the time to sit down for five minutes and have a quiet cuppa is hard enough let alone finding the time to train for a 50 mile bike ride which is due to take place in less than eight weeks time. Eeek!

The good news is, I’ve made a start on the training, albeit just a few cycle rides here and there or half an hour sat on the exercise bike once the boys are sound asleep.

I’m fully aware I need to pick up momentum and soon.

And that’s why all this excitement and buzz about cycling in Shropshire couldn’t have come at a better time. It’s just the tonic I need to get me into the spirit of cycling.

So watch out, I’ll be pulling out my Lycra shorts and hitting the road like the rest of you.

And if anyone else is up for the Jolly Good bike challenge you can sign up by emailing info@jollygroup.co.uk or contacting 01978 800802.

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