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Tick-Tock – more CBeebies fun at the theatre on our way.
01 Jan 2014
by Kirsty Smallman

On Sunday I’ll be going on a time machine with my husband and two young sons.

Okay so perhaps it won’t be a real time machine but in the eyes of my two young sons, aged three and 18 months, who will be watching Andy and Mike’s Tick-Tock Time Machine show at Theatre Severn it will be very real!

We are regulars at following the stars of CBeebies and other children’s television on the theatre stage now – from Chris and Pui to Roary, Bob the Builder and Fireman Sam – we have seen them all!

And for those parents who think their children won’t sit still long enough – you might be pleasantly surprised – my two become star struck every time and don’t mutter a word. But if they don’t sit still it doesn’t matter – it’s a family show after all.

Andy Day from CBeebies’ Andy’s Wild Adventures and comedy partner Mike James will take their young audience on a quest to collect things from the past and the future after discovering a mysterious machine.

But the youngsters will have to help them try and make it back to 2012 or they could be trapped in the mists of time forever!

Andy and Mike hope the children will enjoy the show so much they will want to travel back in time and watch it all over again.

Our tickets for the show at 2.30pm on Sunday October 7th is booked so I hope to see you there.