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Three wraps and I’d be feeling bloated – but three Universal Contour body wraps and I’m 20inches slimmer
31 Mar 2015
by Kirsty Smallman

The post-Christmas bloat (which more than three months on hasn’t disappeared!), the cold and wet weather and the pressure of getting the spring wardrobe out to discover it’s all a bit tight results in tears and tantrums in my house!
I know we all have our favourite diets and healthy eating regimes we return to at times of need but sometimes you just need that extra kick start.
So the temptation of losing at least six inches during the first Universal Contour body wrap at Pure Beauty and Holistic Treatments in Lawley was just too much – my appointment was booked!
Did I know what to expect? No. I’ve had what I would describe as a cling film wrap in the past but not one of these.
Jo (the beautician) measures you and weighs you and tells you about the ins and outs of the wrap – to be honest I didn’t really care! I just wanted the wrap on me to start working!
Soon enough Jo was wrapping me in hot wraps – earthy, warm and tight – they felt great.
An as eczema sufferer clay based products are great on my skin so the fact the wraps are soaked in clay prior to being used is a bonus – magical disappearance of the bulging bits and the eczema or am I asking too much now?
I had followed pre-wrap instructions off Jo and exfoliated the previous evening so after some tough wrapping techniques I was then in my thermal suit and lying on the bed relaxing.
Did I feel glamorous? Of course not! Did I look glamorous? Definitely not.
Was it working? Yes – before my eyes!
What was happening? I wasn’t burning my water off but cleansing and detoxing my body by getting rid of any nasty toxins – ridding myself of all of the Christmas treats and signs of over indulgence.
And this was the very reason I wanted to have a Universal Contour body wrap – to kickstart my health and fitness regime.
Over three wraps, which is the recommended course, I lost 13 inches in the first week, 4 inches (I was bloated!) in the second and 7 inches in the final week, totalling 24 inches.
I measured slimmer so did I feel it? Yes! The jeans literally slid on – the bulge/overhang around my waist – call it what you like – was definitely smaller. I felt good and I was home in a couple of hours!
Would I recommend a Universal Contour wrap? Yes! And I will now try and stay away from those “bad” food and drinks and return for another detox prior to a friend’s summer wedding. The flat tummy was definitely the winner for me!
To book a Universal Contour wrap call Jo on 07980373916, email jo@purebeautyltd.co.uk or visit http://purebeautyltd.co.uk/.