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The end of an era!
04 Sep 2015
by Rhea Alton

So today marks the end of an era for many of us at the J&PR office as our five-year-olds complete their final day at preschool.
A few tears have already been shed and there’s no doubt a few more will follow in a couple of hours time when we do the final ‘pick-up’.
You see watching our little boys give big hugs to their nursery practitioners for the last time is going to be difficult.
After all, they are much more than just practitioners. They have been the wonderful ladies our boys have had so much fun with over the last couple of years.
They are the ladies that have helped them eat their lunch, made them laugh and cuddled them when they’ve hurt.
They’ve helped guide our boys when they’ve been unsure, helped them gain confidence and above all else they have been their friend.
So it’s not surprising that final goodbye will leave our eyes welling, just a little bit!
So on behalf of the J&PR team we would like to thank ABC Day Nursery Ltd in Telford and Hillside House in Shrewsbury for the wonderful care they have given to the J&PR boys – Lucas, Archie and George.
Thanks to the great start they’ve had we think they will be ready for their next big adventure.
And so roll on next week when we swap the nursery drop for the school run – another emotional week no doubt!