What's happening?

It's techtimeout tuesday!
30 Nov 2021

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… to take a break away from your screens and enjoy a techtimeout

Our Digital Account Manager and techtimeout ambassador Sophie tells us all about techtimeout tuesday, and why we should all just have a break… KitKat not required.

With the festive season now in full swing - although some may argue it started on November 4th, when a certain department store released its annual-anticipated Christmas ad - more of us are glued to our screens; rushing to put in our card details for those oh-so ah-mazing Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals; cosying up in front of the TV to watch our favourite festive films (that would be The Grinch for me); scrolling through Etsy seeking out the perfect present (remember, shop independent this Christmas); pining over #ChristmasDecs on Instagram…

If you’ve not got the jist yet, I’m saying we spend a lot of time looking at screens during this time of year.

Does it have to be this way?

I’m glad you’ve asked, because it doesn’t. Let me introduce you to the one thing you actually need under your tree this Christmas...

A techtimeout. 

Can’t wait until December 25th to enjoy some activities spent away from your technology, actually enjoying the company of others or even just yourself? 

There’s no need to wait, with techtimeout tuesday taking place right now!

That’s right, Tuesday November 30th is techtimeout tuesday; branded as the antidote to Black Friday and Cyber Monday - two days (which have seemingly become a fortnight) of immense sales and a whole lot of scrolling. 

What do I have to do on techtimeout tuesday?

To take part in techtimeout tuesday, you can pledge to take a techtimeout and then do just that!

If you need some inspiration, here’s what Team J&PR will be up to today, aside from a tech-free lunch break, for the whole team.

I’ve already had a techtimeout today, with a routine dental check-up this morning…although I’m not really sure that counts, so I will be picking up my book this evening and enjoying some quiet time - if that fails, thanks to my dog Luna asking to play, a game of fetch is my backup techtimeout.

Rhea is going international for today’s techtimeout and will be attending a Spanish lesson this evening - ¡fantastico! 

Her family has also rescheduled their weekly tech-free day from Thursday to today, so they can all get in on the techtimeout tuesday fun. That means no phones, no TV, no screens!

Dani spends two hours every Tuesday at her knitting group, which sounds like the ultimate techtimeout, and today is no exception. As a bonus tech break, she’s planning on taking a long walk today.

Si’s plan? Picking up his guitar or his darts… either way, what a fantastic way to switch off and relax while doing something you love!

Tuesdays for Kirsty mean going to her children’s BMX training for two hours. It’s a weekly family techtimeout in the fresh air as her boys whizz around the track while Kirsty and her husband enjoy uninterrupted conversation. 

Freya will also be heading out in the fresh air to walk her beautiful dog, Bentley, this evening. The techtimeout won’t stop when she gets home, as she plans to start her new book!

A walk is also planned for Becci’s techtimeout, but this one will be at nighttime as it is Becci and her children’s favourite time and, as Tuesdays are the only free days in the Dutton diary, they will be getting the torch out to enjoy a long stroll in the outdoors this evening.

Tony will also be enjoying the darkness tonight, but there will be no torch needed as he is a keen star hopper and will be enjoying a techtimeout enjoying the beautiful night sky. Before that, Tony is hoping to get a session of racquetball in.

What are you waiting for?

If you’ve not signed up for techtimeout tuesday yet, this is your sign to do it! It is a fantastic way to wind down and take a well-needed break from your screen, and you will feel so much better for it.

As a techtimeout ambassador, I want to do all I can to help people improve their relationship with tech. Email me at sophie.coombs@jandpr.com if you would like to learn more.