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We're techtimeout aware!
09 Jul 2021
by Sophie Coombs

We are extremely proud to announce the J&PR has been awarded the techtimeout ‘aware’ status. 

It isn’t the first time we’ve talked about the fantastic initiative here at J&PR but we’ve adapted the way we ‘techtimeout’ since our techtimeout10 challenge in March, so here’s an update!

What is techtimeout?

techtimeout is an amazing organisation that is working to encourage people to improve their relationships with technology

Since the first lockdown in 2020 many of us have been heavily reliant on technology and, despite restrictions slowly easing, continue to use it far too much. 

Due to the nature of our jobs we spend a lot of time looking at screens at J&PR, so getting involved with techtimeout was a no-brainer

What does it mean to be techtimeout aware?

We have been awarded techtimeout aware as we are taking steps to raise awareness, within J&PR, of the impact that technology can have on mental health and productivity.

J&PR has been officially awarded the techtimeout aware status due to the team’s recent participation in the techtimeout10 and techtimeout tuesday challenges.

What’s more, we enjoyed the challenge so much that we have created our own J&PR techtimeout challenge!

What is J&PR’s techtimeout challenge?

Each week, we challenge our team to enjoy a 30 minute techtimeout during their working hours. When, and how, they take this techtimeout is completely up to them.

They then have to upload their challenge (with photo evidence!) every week so we can see what everyone’s up to, get inspired about future techtimeouts and be held accountable!

There are prizes to be won, too! 

Every staff member who has enjoyed a weekly techtimeout and has uploaded their proof will receive a prize halfway through the year and at Christmas. There will also be a trophy awarded for the ‘Most Unusual techtimeout’ at J&PR’s annual Christmas awards!

Not just that, we will be using the techtimeout challenge to continue with our charity work. At the end of each year we donate to a number of charities and all team members that complete their 30 minutes of techtimeout each week, and send a photo to prove it, will be able to nominate a charity of their choice to receive a donation from J&PR.

How do you techtimeout?

There is no right or wrong way to techtimeout, as long as you’re not using tech you’re doing it right!

We have seen so many fantastic ways that the team members at J&PR are enjoying their tech-free time and it’s certainly had a great effect on their wellbeing and relationships with technology. If you’ve not yet challenged yourself to a techtimeout, here’s your cue to put that phone down!