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Are you a marketing manager wishing you could grow a second pair of hands?
08 Oct 2021
by Kirsty Smallman

During the pandemic we saw marketing departments - along with many other departments too - stripped back. The furlough scheme was launched and many businesses went into panic mode (we must admit we might have broken into a cold sweat a few times too!)

However it was not the time to be axing the people behind your all important communication. Customers and staff needed to know what was going on and when - both internal and external communications were vital.

This is where we stepped in… we supported marketing teams, trained staff through our social media training and mentoring “Two-hour Takeovers” and drafted hundreds of pieces of content throughout the first week of lockdown. 

Our clients across Shropshire, West Midlands and Mid and North Wales were featured in the media daily reacting to the breaking news and updates for their industries, their social media feeds kept people informed and their staff knew what was happening internally and most importantly why decisions were being made.

The content creation hasn’t stopped since. 

From internal and external emails to newsletter content, social media posts, press releases, blogs and media statements reacting to the latest development - we did them all.

This wasn’t new behaviour for us. We have been working with marketing managers and business development managers in businesses, organisations and charities across the region since 2012 and we love it.

If you are a marketing manager, marketing assistant or hold any other job title with a responsibility for PR, marketing, content and communications, we are not out for your job! (It’s amazing how many people think we are!)

We are the extra pair of hands you often need.

We ask you what you have the knowledge and ability to do and most importantly what you enjoy doing - then we help with the rest!

It always astonishes us when a marketing manager tells us about the volume of work they are responsible for but yet have very little support - this is often because that person is exceptional at what they do and manages their time so well. But they know they could do each element of the communications better with more time and a support team with the knowledge and skills. Enter Team J&PR.

We always joke we can’t create an extra three days in the week but perhaps we can! By working with J&PR you can delegate some of those tasks which take you longer than you know they should.

Perhaps you’ve been drafting social media content for so long for the same business you are losing your creative streak; maybe you are still on the same social platforms as you were five years ago and not sure if they are right for you; perhaps you started writing blogs for your website but no longer have the time; perhaps you know there are great news stories coming out of the business every day but you just don’t have time to do anything with them - the list goes on.

By offering support from a minimum of one day a month, team J&PR can help you.

Drop Kirsty a line on kirsty@jandpr.com or give her a call on 07811749489 to discuss how we could help your marketing team.