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Superhome in Shropshire to open its doors
05 Sep 2016
by Rhea Alton

A Shropshire energy expert will be throwing open the doors of his Superhome to help others find out more about lowering their utility bills and becoming more environmentally-friendly.

Claus Best is inviting residents to attend an open weekend at his home, Hay Tor in Pulley Lane, Bayston Hill, which costs him just £47 a month for gas and electricity.

The event will run from 12pm to 4pm on Saturday, September 17, and Sunday, September 18, and will give guests the chance to learn more about the retrofit project he completed – transforming it from an ordinary 1950s bungalow to a home eligible to enter the Superhomes network.

As part of the project Claus, who runs energy advice and installation business Smart Energy Services from Hay Tor, replaced metal framed single glazed windows with wooden triple glazed ones, fitted external wall insulation and used spray-foam to insulate the roof.

An air-tightness membrane and tapes were used to create a draught proof home and a special ventilation system was fitted which reuses the heat from the extracted air, saving around 90 per cent of the energy.

Once completed, Hay Tor became part of the Superhomes network of around 200 older homes across the country which have been improved to a high standard of energy efficiency – with at least 60 per cent CO2 savings.

One of the aims of the network is to share the potential of improving homes by showing what has been achieved, with people able to visit and see the improvements for themselves.

For more information simply attend the open weekend (postcode SY3 0JH), call Claus on 07410 549781, email info@smart-energy-services.co.uk or visit www.smart-energy-services.co.uk.

Hay Tor

Hay Tor