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Summer tour for elderly and care groups in Telford set to launch
23 May 2017
by Six Ticks Support

People living in care homes and those who visit day care facilities and special needs groups in Telford will have a taste of local entertainment this summer thanks to businesses in the town.

Casey’s at Cordingley Hall, Donnington, will begin a summer tour taking a show of fun and laughter to 20 venues – as soon as they have secured sponsorship.

Bosses are looking for a further five firms to pledge £100 each in order to make the tour happen.

Unique Copiers, based at St George’s Industrial Estate in Donnington, was one of the first businesses to sign up and donate.

Owner Adrian Casey said: “I thought it was a great cause to get involved with.

“It is not a lot of money and it will make a big difference to the people who see this show.

“It will be something slightly different than the usual day in a care home or care facility.

“We enjoy supporting local charities and events, this is simply about spreading a little fun across Telford to those in need.”

The tour will take place throughout June and July and it is estimated over 2,000 people will see it, free of charge to them.
Adrian’s wife Nicola, who run’s Casey’s at Cordingley Hall, has 35 businesses signed up so far.

She said: “It is the first time we have done something like this.

“We’ve won best entertainment venue in the UK in the Best Of online awards twice now, so we want to take what we do to the people who can’t necessarily come and see us here.

“We’ve had a great response so far and are eager to hear from any other businesses who would be interested in making this happen, by simply donating a small amount of money it could make a big difference.
“Everyone here is very excited about the tour and have been practicing a lot.

“You will be able to follow all the fun on our social media pages too.”

For more information or to donate call Casey’s on 01952 606588 or email cordingley@caseysvenues.co.uk.