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Spanish visitors to Shropshire hotel
12 Aug 2013
by Rebecca Dutton
The Valley HotelBenn Parsons left the UK shores eight years ago after falling in love with Maite, who had been in
England for only a few months as part of her university course.
The pair now live together in La Vall De Uixo and run an English Academy catering for hundreds of students.
When the pair return to see family, Maite also likes to explore more of Shropshire and the place where Benn grew up and this year they will be paying a visit to Ironbridge.
Along with monuments like the Acropolis, the Taj Mahal and the Great Wall of China, the Ironbridge Gorge has been classified as a World Heritage Site since 1986 so it is a popular tourist choice and of great interest to Spanish visitors.
The Gorge was awarded World Heritage status by UNESCO for the area’s unique contribution to the birth of the industrial revolution in the 18th century.
It was 300 years ago that Abraham Darby 1 first perfected the use of coke to mass-produce iron and the surviving built and natural environment with its museums, monuments and artefacts, including the world famous Iron Bridge of 1779, reminds us of the area’s unique contribution to
the history and development of the industrialised society.
It is no wonder crowds flock to the town every year.
Benn and Maite will take in the history of Ironbridge but also experience an historic English town. Their first English experience in Ironbridge will be staying in The Best Western Valley Hotel,a country house hotel situated in the heart of Ironbridge which provides the perfect base to visit
the Ironbridge Gorge Museums.
With a riverside setting and beautiful views of the surrounding parkland it is a classic English experience for someone like Maite who is used to the dryer landscapes of Spain.
Benn and Maite will be taking a tour of Ironbridge and enjoying its museums and eateries – and enjoying breakfast at The Valley Hotel in traditional English style.
Then of course it will be on to the museums…..so we have invited Maite to write a guest blog for us after their trip to see what she thought of one of Shropshire’s less hidden treasures and the people and places she finds within.
Maite will also be translating her blog into Spanish so that anyone planning a trip to the UK can see what they will be missing if they only visit our capital and don’t travel up to us in the Shropshire countryside!

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