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Social media tips for nonprofit businesses and charities
05 Oct 2020
by Sophie Coombs

At J&PR we often work with nonprofit organisations and charities; whether that is carrying out training or the complete PR and digital package. 

We understand that the current circumstances have made things tough for charities and nonprofits and they may not have the budget for social media training or management at the moment. 

So we have collected our best tips on how charities and nonprofit organisations can run their social media successfully in-house. 

Choose the right platforms for you

Having your nonprofit on the right platform(s) is key. Don’t spread yourself too thin by creating content for various platforms if your target audience aren’t going to be there. 

Think about where your target audience will be and create content for those platforms. Don’t post the same message for each platform if you’re using multiple; adapt the post so that it is better suited for the audience on that social networking site - LinkedIn content will have a much more professional audience than Facebook

Use hashtags to increase reach and engagement

Hashtags have had a huge impact on post reach and engagement for quite some time now. Spend some time researching hashtags around your niche and location and use a variety of them whenever you post. 

Try and tailor the hashtags around the nature of your post, too, to get better engagement. 

Get the audience involved

If you’re wanting to boost your engagement, make use of interactive tools such as polls so that the audience will want to engage with your content. 

If you’re trying to boost donations through social media, a raffle is always a good place to start and will boost engagement too. You can ask page followers to tag a friend as an entry or reshare your post. 

Show off!

That’s right, toot your own horn! Showing off the incredible work that your nonprofit is doing and the impact you’re making will encourage people to donate and will show them what you’re all about.

Case studies are always a great place to start and can lead into you sharing testimonials from those who your non-profit has supported.

Ask for help

It’s difficult navigating social media for a nonprofit organisation if that’s not your primary role - don’t forget to ask for help from the experts when you need it. 

Agencies like ours offer social media training, where experienced social media managers can go through whatever you need help with, or can completely take over your social media accounts so that you don’t need to worry about it.

Drop us an email on info@jandpr.com if you would like to know more...