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Smile Like the Queen
03 Aug 2014
by Rebecca Dutton

Guest blog by Perfect Profiles

A couple of months ago The Oscars Selfie went viral with the star studded picture of Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts and other Hollywood celebrities being forwarded more than two million times on Twitter.

Now it seems the Queen is getting in on the act after she ‘photobombed’ the Australian hockey teams selfie at the Commonwealth Games.

The Queen, who met the players after their 4-0 win against Malaysia, poked her head into the background of the photo and smiled.

Needless to say the Royal Photobomb has also gone viral.

It is reported than more than one million selfies are taken every day so it’s no wonder people are starting to feel more self conscious about their smile.

According to new research by the British Dental Health Foundation and Invisalign more than a quarter of Brits are unhappy with their smiles.

Three quarters of people said their confidence would improve if they had a better smile and almost three in four (70 per cent) say they are so unhappy with their smile they never smile in photos.

But here at Perfect Profiles we believe it’s never too late to do something about your smile. After all it is the first thing people notice!  Brushing your teeth twice a day and cutting down on sugary foods will help improve oral health as will chewing sugar-free gum after meals.

And for those teeth that are passed their best or already gone, we recommend dental implants to support dentures.

Implants support crowns, bridges or dentures enabling you to have the look and function of natural teeth, while potentially lasting longer and do not sacrifice the health of neighbouring teeth.

They are high quality, low cost and can be used to restore a single tooth, several teeth or all your teeth giving you the confidence to smile in all of your photos!

For more information on Perfect Profiles or to book a free consultation visit the website at http://www.perfectdental.eu.com. To book an appointment at Houghton Regis clinic contact 01582 518100 or Wolverhampton contact 01902 500 823.

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