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Redundant workers given lifeline by taxi firm
02 Feb 2017
by Simon Alton

A Shropshire taxi firm is offering a lifeline to people who are being made redundant from their jobs.


Cindy Wilday outside the Go carz headquarters

With companies continuing to feel the stresses and strains of the economic climate and with the full impact of Brexit still unknown, jobs are being affected as firms strive to make savings.

But as one door closes another opens and Go Carz, Shropshire’s largest private hire firm, have reported more people turning to taxi driving with the company after losing their jobs.

Cindy Wilday, area director at Go Carz, said taxi driving seemed to be the go-to profession at the moment with so much uncertainty in other areas.

“We had a number of enquiries from people who were made redundant at AGA in Telford and were happy to speak to them about coming to work for us,” she said.

“There are a number of our drivers who lost their previous jobs through redundancy and have now found a new role with us.

“It is nice to know that we are able to offer a bit of a lifeline to people at what is a very traumatic time in their lives.

“Many people find the flexibility of working for us a great incentive but it is also fair to say that a lot of people who have been made redundant need to find employment pretty quickly.

“Most of us can drive today so it seems like a natural progression to think about taxi driving.

“We had a chap who used to work in the furniture trade. He came to us and slotted in well. It is a fast-growing industry and we are always looking for drivers.

“It is one of those jobs where people will always be looking to be ferried here and there. I don’t see that ever changing.

“If anyone would like to know more about becoming a taxi driver with us they can give us a call on 01952 501050.”

Go Carz takes some 100,000 phone calls and carries out about 75,000 journeys a week across Shropshire and the West Midlands.

For more information about Go Carz, visit the website at www.gocarz.co.uk