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Shropshire sports and community clubs urged to tighten security
22 Aug 2017
by Kirsty Smallman

Sports clubs and community clubs across Shropshire are being urged to tighten their security in a bid to stop burglars.

Expensive equipment is left unguarded and vulnerable when clubs are closed and can be an easy target for criminals. The damage and upset of such incidents is also distressing and can lead to putting the future of a club in jeopardy.

Bulldog Security Products, based in Much Wenlock, specialises in making it as difficult as possible for raiders to target property and is now calling on sport and community clubs to review the measures they currently have in place.

Managing director of Bulldog Security Products Ian Jordan said: “A lot of sports clubs are often charities and after investing their cash that they have often worked so hard to raise for equipment and maintenance there is often little left and security can become the last thing they think about.

“By their very nature sports clubs are not used all the time and property can be left vacant for long periods, particularly overnight, and very often in isolated surroundings. This makes them a particularly attractive proposition for thieves and the equipment stored in the clubs make them a tempting target.

“There are simple steps clubs can take to keep their premises secure and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. I would urge sports clubs to invest in cabin and container security as these items are often what is targeted first.

“Bulldog also has a range of security products that could stop the intruder getting into the club, door and roller shutter locks and security posts are just some. Very often the thief will give up and move on if they see good security precautions in place.”

The advice comes after Bulldog Security Products stepped in to help Wrekin Riders BMX Race Club in Dawley, Telford, to increase their security after they were hit by raiders two years running.

The club now has chain locks on all main gates and high security locks on the containers and cabin, along with CCTV in operation.

The recent attack on a sailing club in north Shropshire also highlighted the problems clubs face.

The sailing club at Whitemere, near Ellesmere, faced a loss totalling £18,000 when two safety boat engines were stolen and two more damaged. As well as the obvious setback of the cost involved, the club was put through the inconvenience of having to cancel an event because they had no safety boat cover.

Mr Jordan said: “Unfortunately this type of thing is pretty common and causes unnecessary upheaval, expense and upset. It really is worth taking a little time in having a look around your club and taking some action.

“Whatever your security situation is it could probably do with reviewing and upgrading. It is something many people don’t consider and are then left to deal with the consequences.

“Our team at Bulldog Security Products are here to help. We have a wealth of experience in the industry stretching back 33 years. We have helped many people locally, nationally and internationally toughen up their security in that time, whether in the commercial, domestic or leisure sectors.

“Just take some steps to protect your property and make it more difficult for the criminal.”

For more information on the products available from Bulldog, or for advice on what steps to take to toughen security, telephone the team on 01952 728171 or visit the website, http://www.bulldogsecure.com/