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Shropshire security firm launches new home alarm system
05 Nov 2019
by Rebecca Dutton

A leading Shropshire security firm has developed its own bespoke alarm system which can be fitted by homeowners in under 60 minutes.

The insurance-rated system eliminates installation fees, the need for costly service and rental contracts, emergency callout fees and additional extras often hidden in basic offers designed to lure in customers.

The Bulldog Secure Alarm has been developed by Much Wenlock based Bulldog Security Products who have more than 35 years experience in providing quality security products for the home, businesses and personal safety at home and abroad.

Ian Jordan, Bulldog managing director, said: “Home security is extremely important and burglary is a particularly worrying crime so we wanted to come up with something which was simple to install, inexpensive to buy and maintain while providing the security and reassurance of being able to protect home and family.

“We have been working on this alarm system for some time and are delighted with the end product – a complete package in home security which has already generated a great deal of interest.

“Systems installed by professionals mean paying an installation fee along with a variety of ‘extras’.

“These can include add-ons to the basic price you sign up for; what we call lock-downs, where only the installer can change settings or expand a system; emergency callout fees because it’s not possible for the homeowner to reset the alarm themselves; and costly rental and service contracts.

“Our alarm is a fully professional insurance-rated alarm system which can be fitted in under an hour by the homeowner.

“There’s no complicated programme or wiring and we say if you can put a plug in then you can install this alarm.

“It has two-way wireless technology linking to your smartphone app which informs you when the alarm is triggered and in what area of the home. Wireless camera sensors will also send you images of what triggered it!

“There’s four steps to the process after deciding to install the alarm. The first allows the homeowner to design their own bespoke system, detailing exactly what they want with assistance from a simple guide, then we configure it, making sure all parts are in working order and smartphone access is set up.

“The homeowner installs it and then we check it by means of a full remote inspection.

“That’s it. The homeowner owns the system and it’s so simple to put in place, you can even take it with you when you move house.

“We are really proud of this alarm, the latest in a long line of tried and tested security products we have been producing to an ever-increasing customer base for more than 35 years.

“We hope it will move home security alarms into the financial reach of many more people as they try to keep home and family safe.”

For more information, telephone the Bulldog team on 01952 728171 or visit the website at www.bulldogsecurealarm.com