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Shropshire and Powys school voucher scheme launched at trampoline park
21 Sep 2018
by Rebecca Dutton

Caption: L-R Ellis Alton, 5, Connor Frost, 9, Amelia Frost, 7 and George Alton, 7, with Duncan Kemp, general manager of Jump In Shrewsbury launching the new Jump In Shrewsbury voucher scheme at Oakmeadow CE Primary School in Bayston Hill.

Bosses at a Shropshire trampoline park today launched a voucher scheme to give children the chance to win a free school trip.

Jump In Shrewsbury has launched its school scheme which will see bouncers collect a voucher to be handed in at their school or nursery.

The class will be able to collect discount vouchers each time they attend a bounce session at the Henley Way venue and then the school can use them how they wish.

For example the school may collect them until they have enough to offer a pupil a free visit as a reward for good work or their behaviour or they could use the value of the voucher towards a group jump and once 240 vouchers have been collected 10 children could have a free session.

General manager Duncan Kemp said: “We know there are lots of national voucher schemes out there providing much-needed equipment for schools – but we believe giving children lots of experiences outside of the classroom is important in addition to everything they learn within school.

“We often see in the national media how school trips are under threat due to the funding constraints and also families being increasingly unable to find the trips.

“Schools need a minimum number of parents to pay to make them viable and children are often left heartbroken when they are told the trip will no longer be going ahead.

“Trampolining has many fantastic benefits, from being a fun way to exercising to socialising to relieving stress and worries. It’s something everyone can do, right from preschoolers at nurseries to pupils with special educational needs to sixth formers.

“So a trip to a trampoline park can be an amazing opportunity for schools to take part in, and wouldn’t it be so much better the parents, carers and schools themselves didn’t even have to pay for the trip?

“We’re delighted to be launching our school scheme and hope to see lots of pupils remembering to pick up their vouchers when they come along for a bounce!”

Carla Whelan, headteacher of Oakmeadow Primary School in Bayston Hill was the first school to join the scheme.

“This is a great idea as children love collecting vouchers and for them to be rewarded with a free trip once they have collected enough is fantastic.

“It is trips like these that create very special memories. We must remember not all children are fortunate enough to be able to visit such venues at the weekends or during holidays so those who are fortunate enough will be giving their friends and peers the chance to experience the same.

“We will be saving for an end of term trip or maybe some pre-Christmas visits if we collect enough by then and may use them as our reward scheme too.”

The scheme is open to all schools and nurseries in Shropshire and Powys, who must register to take part by emailing Duncan.Kemp@gojumpin.com

To take part, ask reception staff for a voucher and hand it in at school. One voucher will be issued to any child or young person aged 18 or under booked on to a bounce session – only the birthday girl or boy will be able to collect a voucher when a party is booked.