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Shropshire pharmacy helps residents to stop smoking
10 Mar 2016
by Rhea Alton

A Shropshire pharmacy has been supporting the local community in their efforts to quit smoking.
Staff at Lunts Pharmacies in Craven Arms have been providing information leaflets to customers keen to kick the habit and raising awareness of its Help2Quit Clinic.
The awareness day coincided with National No Smoking Day on March 9.
Superintendent pharmacist Ian Swindell said the event had been a real success.
He said: “There are many reasons why people choose to give up smoking but often the first steps on that journey are the most difficult.
“Our awareness day was about trying to make those initial steps are little easier by providing helpful information, support and advice to those people wanting to quit smoking.
“It coincided with National No Smoking Day but we have trained staff at all our pharmacies who are available all year round to provide advice to people through our Help2Quit clinics.
“All they have to do is pop in or make an appointment and our pharmacist will have a chat and provide helpful information.”
The Help2Quit clinics were launched by Lunts Pharmacies 10 years ago and to date, staff at all four pharmacies in Craven Arms, Pontesbury and Hereford Road and Roushill in Shrewsbury, have helped hundreds of customers to stop smoking.
“It’s been almost 10 years since the Government made it illegal for people to smoke in an enclosed public place and I think steadily over the years more and more people have decided to quit,” said Mr Swindell.
“It’s perhaps seen by many as being less socially accepted especially as you now have to stand outside bars, restaurants or night clubs if you want to smoke.”
For more information on Lunts Pharmacies or to make an appointment at one of its Help2Quit clinics visit the website https://lunts.net/.