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Shropshire pharmacies boss delighted as customers heap praise on staff and service
02 Nov 2017
by Dani Wozencroft

A good news story here – a group of pharmacies got great feedback from their customers for the service they offer – worth a press release and blog!

A group of pharmacies in Shropshire have been praised by their toughest critics, the customers.

Lunts Pharmacies, which has stores in Craven Arms, Pontesbury and two in Shrewsbury, has surveyed 468 customers and over 97% of respondents said they were very satisfied or fairy satisfied with the time it took to provide the service they were using.

The main praise was for the staff and short waiting times for prescriptions – but those surveyed said more work could to be done providing advice on physical exercise and stopping smoking.

Which is exactly what staff will do.

Owner Martin Lunt said: “Our annual patient questionnaire is a vital insight into how the pharmacies are working and what we can do to better provide for the people we serve.

“We always analyse the results very carefully and it influences our business plan each year.

“We are delighted that so many of our customers wanted to praise staff – often going to the extent to highlight work by individuals – and are pleased with the work we are doing.

“One of the most important parts of this exercise though is looking at what we don’t do well.

“As a result we are now offering more advice sessions and leaflets on getting exercise and stopping smoking in the locations where these issues were highlighted.

“We have started this already and will make further plans to improve this over the coming months.”

At their base at Hereford Road, Shrewsbury, customers said they trust the staff who are ‘polite, kind, warm and friendly’.

The efficient service is provided in a clean environment.

The staff at Roushill

At Roushill customers said it was a ‘first class service’ and every single person said the staff were very good or fairly good.

At the store in Pontesbury they were given a 100% mark for the time it takes to provide the service customers are using and the pharmacy was described as a ‘wonderful asset’ to the village.

They were praised for being ‘always clean’, ‘well stocked’ and with ‘great gifts’ on offer.

Jan and Nicky at Pontesbury

In Craven Arms customers thought the staff were 100% and said they were well trained and offered good support.

One respondent described the store in The Auction Yard as ‘the best chemist I have ever visited’.

Mr Lunt added: “The comments people took to the time to write about each pharmacy are really overwhelming at times.

“I am so proud of our excellent workforce at Lunts, some of whom have been here for many years.
“These results are a fitting tribute to the hard work they put in day in day out.”
For more information about the pharmacies visit the website https://lunts.net/.