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Shropshire firm Pure Telecom launches exclusive new product
03 Nov 2019
by Rebecca Dutton

A Shropshire telecommunications company has launched an exclusive new product – and it looks like it’s making all the right connections with customers.

Pure Telecom, based on Shrewsbury Business Park, is rolling out Pure VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) after addressing concerns regarding other products currently on the market.

The firm says Pure VoIP is a hosted system with a difference and will provide customers with added value in a number of key areas, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.

David Hayward, Pure Telecom Managing Director, said: “Efficiency in business is key to productivity and we are delighted to announce the launch of our very first exclusive branded product which is going to be of tremendous benefit to clients.

“It’s a fast-moving area of our industry with an estimated figure of three million having already switched from traditional telephony with a further five million users expected to move to a VoIP platform within the next five years. We had a good look at the market and decided the time was now right to deliver Pure VoIP.

“There are so many different suppliers of VoIP platforms currently on the market, the majority of whom provide a per seat offering – regardless of whether the phone is being used – and all are tied into a long-term contract.

“We were keen to develop a platform which offers customers increased value and really supports day-to-day operations. Pure VoIP can be fully tailored to meet individual company needs to deliver resilience and enhanced features.

“We found resilience and security to be two of the main concerns customers have with their phone systems, and with communication playing such a crucial role in business operations, it’s easy to see why. We’ve made sure that the Pure VoIP network infrastructure is of world class standard meaning it comes with the highest levels of reliability and security with disaster recovery options built in.

“We offer flexible contract lengths, rather than long-term agreements, reduced costs based on lines being used rather than on the number of seats, an online portal for complete control of the system, fully managed implementations and ongoing support with leading SLAs.”

Mr Hayward said key features included wallboards, offering real-time statistics and unified communications where fully-featured UC clients can be added to each user to deliver presence. The system also offers a facility to chat and integrate with more than 350 CRM solutions with screen popping and click to dial features.

“Features like call recording, call transfer, auto-attendant and a built-in dialler and TPS screening service enable businesses to move calls around quickly and efficiently. Gone are the days when features like these came with an additional cost associated that made it inaccessible for small and medium-sized businesses. Pure VoIP starts from £10 per month, so it’s affordable for businesses of all sizes.

“By providing fully managed installations and dedicated account management we are able to maintain our customer-first service policy. The launch of Pure VoIP is an exciting moment for us and we look forward to bringing its benefits to existing and future customers,” Mr Hayward added.

For more about Pure VoIP, call 01743 244933 or visit www.pure-telecom.co.uk