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Shropshire BMX club on track for British championships
26 Aug 2015
by Simon Alton

Talented riders from a Shropshire BMX club are preparing to battle it out in this weekend’s British BMX Championships.
Members of Wrekin Riders BMX Race Club as young as four years old have qualified for the British Championships after competing in the Midlands Regional rounds over the last five months.
Olly Clarke, four, and Eddie Smallman, six, have both qualified for the British Championships for the first time during their first season of racing.
The two boys, who both compete in the same category 6 and under, will be the youngest members from the club competing in the competition at Platt Fields in Manchester on Saturday and Sunday.
The club has travelled all over the Midlands region showing off their talents on the track during the nine regional rounds, whilst some members have also competed in the National competitions and also the World Championships in Belgium.
This weekend’s British Championships will also see parents compete alongside their children, including John Price and his children Jessica and Leighton, along with club chairman Kieran Edwards and his son Callum.
Jo Edwards, who runs Wrekin Riders BMX Race Club in Dawley, Telford, with her husband Kieran, chairman and head coach, and a team of volunteers, said they were both extremely proud of the riders.
“We have had a record number of members competing at expert level this season which is fantastic and to see more than 20 riders preparing to compete at the Brits is brilliant.
“As a club we have travelled all over the region and everyone has worked so hard in training and during the rounds.
“To have so many riders competing at the Brits is phenomenal and is tribute to the rider’s hard work and commitment but also the dedication of the parents of the youngsters who take them to each and every competition.”
Mrs Edwards said they were equally proud of every rider whether it was novice riders who competed for the first time or expert riders who competed at the World Championships in July.
“We are extremely excited to travel to Manchester this weekend as a club who will be riding as part of the Midlands BMX Team.
“They will get their new race jerseys and their Midlands plates and it really is a great atmosphere – it takes it to the next level for some but what an experience for some as young as four years old,” Mrs Edwards added.
The club was forced to close the track last weekend and during the beginning of this week due to damage the recent storms had caused to the track.
Volunteers and club members turned out over the weekend to help work on the track in order for the club to re-open in time for training ahead of the British Championships.
The club, which usually runs novice sessions every Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 12noon, and expert sessions on both days from 12noon to 4pm (weather permitting), will be closed this weekend whilst the club compete at the Brits.
Opening times and further information can be found at www.facebook.com/wrekinriders