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Shropshire-based consortium hailed as a success
31 Jan 2017
by Kirsty Smallman

A new venture by a Shropshire-based consortium has been hailed as a success after bringing in hundreds of members in its first six months.

CARADOC-2016-50 (1)

Caradoc Medical Services, based in Shrewsbury, officially launched Caradoc Dental Services last Autumn.

Caradoc Dental Services (CDS) sees standalone dental practices and small dental groups working with key UK dental suppliers to assist in productivity and save on costs.

Around 250 dental practices have joined the consortium since its launch, and that number continues to grow.

Jacqui Goss, of the consortium, has been in dentistry since 1999 and was business manager in a highly successful dental practice for nine years.

She said a number of high profile suppliers have come on board since the launch of the organisation in 2016, including Trycare, an independent supplier of over 27,000 dental and chiropody products to thousands of dentists and podiatrists across the UK.

Jacqui said: “We know that stand-alone dental practices cannot access competitive buying terms because they do not order in bulk.

“It can be time consuming to check product prices and trying to get the best deals for themselves, which is not a productive way for them to spend their time.

“Caradoc Dental Services gives them access to the deals big corporates can get access to, and with around 250 dental practices now on board the enhanced discounts and services are vast.

“Members can access discounts from dental suppliers but also on business services such as stationery, telephony, gas and electric.

“It is proving to be extremely successful for NHS, private and mixed practices alike.”

Caradoc Dental Services is a not for profit organisation, where commission is on average one per cent, to ensure the best prices for members, with any surplus being reinvested back into the NHS.

Caradoc Medical Services consortium represents over 25,000 members including GP surgeries, care homes, osteopaths, massage therapists, veterinary practices and other small businesses.

As well as the growing membership Caradoc also has a growing list of suppliers, with an annual turnover of over £25 million.

Peter Masters, business manager of Caradoc Medical Services, said: “We do have suppliers that cater for both the dental and NHS industries but have also welcomed numerous dental-specific suppliers who are already reaping the benefits.”

For more information visit www.caradocdentalservices.co.uk or contact info@caradocdentalservices.co.uk