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Shrewsbury theatre date for Countryfile presenter
20 Sep 2017
by Kirsty Smallman

When your dad’s spent more than four decades working in the farming industry, there’s only one thing you’re going to be doing on a Sunday evening – and that’s watching Countryfile.

Even to this day, we always have the programme on in our house and dad has introduced a new generation to his passion, cuddling up with his grandchildren on the sofa at 7pm ready to tune in every week.

The show has been running for nearly 30 years now, covering everything related to wildlife, conservation, farming and much more.

Regular viewers such as ourselves would instantly recognise Adam Henson. He’s a regular presenter on the show and is arguably the country’s most well-known farmer.

Adam was born on the 650-hectare estate he now runs, which incorporates Cotswold Farm Park, founded by Adam’s dad Joe in the 70s to help protect rare breeds.

He shares his knowledge weekly on the programme, often presenting from the farm itself, and has also teamed up with chef Nigel Slater for Nigel and Adam’s Farm Kitchen, a four part series looking at how food gets from farm to fork.

Other television credits include three series of BBC Lambing Live and a series called Secret Britain exploring hidden places in the UK, and Adam has also written a book My Life On The Land, with other book projects in the pipeline.

So when we heard he was coming to Shropshire, we booked tickets straightaway for a dad/daughter theatre visit.

Adam will be appearing at Theatre Severn at 7.30pm on Thursday, September 21, to share his stories of farming life, his television career and running the Cotswold Farm Park. He’ll also be sharing his thoughts on British agriculture and offering the audience the chance to ask questions, with a book signing after the show.

And there’s still tickets left for this week’s show to book now!

Visit http://www.theatresevern.co.uk/shows/talks/adam-henson-2017 for more information and to book tickets costing £21.50 (with a 10 per cent discount for Friends).