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Shrewsbury taxi firm announces record number of drivers
28 Apr 2017
by Simon Alton

A Shrewsbury taxi firm has its highest ever number of drivers in the town as it expands to meet record-breaking demand.

Carl Wilday, managing director of Go Carz

Managers at Go Carz say a recruitment drive has been such a success that the firm now has 140 drivers working in the Shrewsbury area.

Carl Wilday, managing director, said the demand for taxis was at an all-time high, with the firm completing about 13,000 journeys a week during April.

“We have seen a real surge in demand during 2017 so we have been making a big effort to recruit more drivers,” he said.

“Shrewsbury in particular has been really busy and we are now able to guarantee that a taxi will be available at all times.

“Demand has been so high that waiting times have been quite lengthy at particular pinch points, but we are confident that with more drivers on board we are now in a much stronger position.”

Mr Wilday said the Go Carz mobile phone app was also seeing a record number of bookings being taken.

“About 35 per cent of our bookings came through the app in its early days but we knew it could become even more popular,” he said.
“In the past six months since the app was revamped, we are now taking about 50 per cent, which adds up to about 37,000 bookings every week, through the app and website.
“It’s proved to be a real winner and record-breaker for us and one of the most successful things we have introduced.

“Many people are now finding it an easier system to use and we are very much in favour of making things better and easier for our customers.

“One of the advantages is the customer does not have to carry cash with them. When you register for the app you can enter your card details, eliminating the need for cash.

“It’s automatically set up and linked to your bank account which is a major advantage if you need to get home at the end of an evening out and don’t have any cash on you.

“Using the app also offers fast booking and the ability to save your favourite addresses. It’s easy to use and allows you to track your booked car.”

Go Carz is the largest private hire firm in the West Midlands, with offices in Shrewsbury, Telford, Wolverhampton and Walsall.

For more information call 01743 441144 or visit www.gocarz.co.uk