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Security warning from Shropshire company as hundreds of motorhomes and caravans go into storage for winter
08 Nov 2019
by Rebecca Dutton

A Shropshire firm is urging owners to toughen up on motorhome security as they prepare to put them into storage for winter following a spike in thefts over the summer.

Motorhomes are highly desirable targets for thieves and bosses at Bulldog Security Products, based in Much Wenlock, today said many of these thefts could be avoided by taking a few simple precautions.

It comes after thefts of motorhomes regularly made the news nationally and numerous hit the headlines locally during the past few months – with one taken in Shifnal, another in Claverley and one in Shrewsbury.

Ian Jordan, Bulldog managing director, said: “You may not consider a motorhome as a high risk target, a more cumbersome vehicle and something usually parked in what is considered the more safer areas, on the drive or garden outside the front door. But that would be wrong!

“All three of the Shropshire thefts occurred on the drive or outside homes and in one case, in Shifnal, the thief actually blew a kiss to the owner while in the process of the theft.

“We always see a spike in motorhome thefts during the summer and people coming to us for help after the event for their new purchase but now the dark nights are here the owners are equally as vulnerable.

“People are putting motorhomes and caravans into storage and it is vital the security measures are in place. The owner needs to have a tracker to alert them if that vehicle is moved.

“Families have been left unable to go on holiday and have had personal items taken in the motorhomes which cannot be replaced. These thieves are robbing families of making memories.”

Mr Jordan added: “There are a number of options to consider in toughening up security, many of which are high-visibility which acts as an additional deterrent – encouraging the thief to give up and look elsewhere.

“Wheel clamps and steering wheel locks are tried and tested methods of crime prevention and still highly effective. Security posts are easy to install and make the vehicle virtually impossible to be driven away.

“Newer vehicles will probably be fitted with an alarm but older ones may not. These are another valuable aid in alerting you to someone trying to make off with your motorhome.

“GPS trackers are particularly effective and are increasingly in demand as more people are discovering their value. They not only aid in the recovery of your vehicle if taken but can also alert you to the theft as it’s happening and act as an immobiliser if the tracker detects any unauthorised movement.

“There will always be the opportunist thief looking for an easy target and the criminal looking to steal to order. Making their task more difficult is well worth the effort and it can be done by taking just a few simple steps.”