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Seasonal marketing and the pumpkin spice phenomenon
12 Nov 2021
by Freya Morris

Have you ever visited a café just to try its limited edition pumpkin spiced beverage? Or have you ever bought a mug with Santa on the front? Or a hat with reindeer ears because it “made you feel festive”?

If you answered ‘yes’, then you’ve fallen for seasonal marketing. 

Whether you’re aware of this phenomenon or not, it's one of the most influential forms of marketing - with many businesses identifying fluctuations in their sales as a result.

What is seasonal marketing and why should you use it? 

Sales and website traffic will fluctuate from time to time, and it’s no surprise that fluctuations occur at specific times of the year according to the season. 

Florists experience a rise in rose sales in weeks before Valentine’s Day; gyms see an increase in memberships in the New Year; stationery businesses see sales increase once ‘back to school’ signs have returned. 

Whilst most businesses have a basic understanding of seasonal marketing, a high number of businesses overlook its power.

With many consumers using seasonal shopping as a reason to spend more money - we’ve all used the excuse “because it’s Christmas” - are you adapting your marketing for the season?

The best bit about seasonal marketing? Most consumers expect it, yearning for spooky accessories in October and festive finger food at Christmas. 

The hard part? Making sure you give your consumers exactly what they want, without compromising your brand and reputation.

How can it help my business?

Seasonal marketing may seem straightforward, but it’s much more than decorating your shop front with seasonal decor and creating witty discount codes such as ‘SPOOKYSEASON20’. 

And no, you can’t just put ‘pumpkin spiced’ in front of all your product names as soon as it’s October 1st!

Seasonal marketing is all about preparation; from identifying suitable holidays and celebrations for your business, to timing your unique content to perfection.

But why even bother?

Incorporating seasonal marketing into your business strategy can seem like a substantial amount of effort. However, seasonal marketing enables businesses to take advantage of popular holidays that are already at the forefront of consumers’ minds - meaning you appeal to new and current customers.

Many businesses which have used seasonal marketing to their advantage - like pumpkin patches - have seen huge positives as a result, such as business growth, better brand awareness, increased sales and a general buzz among consumers.

Apley Farm's Pumpkin Patch brought in hundreds of visitors this year and therefore more footfall and potential custom for the cafe and surrounding courtyard of businesses. People may have gone there for the pumpkin patch but very few leave without buying a coffee or a gift or flowers for someone special or treat for themselves from Big Little Things.

Getting a seasonal marketing campaign right

Identify your keywords 

Knowing which keywords to use in your communications will help with SEO and standing out to your consumers for all the right reasons! 

Think about what your consumers may be searching for at certain times of the year.

Observe trends 

Identify what’s trending at the time of your seasonal marketing campaign and how you can incorporate it.

This year’s Halloween hit was photographs of people with pumpkins over their heads… fancy imitating that for your socials?

Make it relevant

There’s no point trying to connect to a season if it has nothing to do with your business; use language, tone and imagery that aligns with your business to avoid inconsistency.

Have fun! 

It’s always obvious when a business isn’t connected to its communications, so don’t take yourself too seriously! 

People love to see the human side of a business - make sure you show it! Remember “people buy into people” and we all want to work with fun people!

Can J&PR help?

Want to follow social media trends but you’re unsure where to start? Eager to share a blog about your best-selling seasonal product? We’ll help you incorporate seasonal marketing techniques and ideas into your PR and social media strategy.

Just fancy a brainstorm with a PR and social pro? Book in for a Two Hour Takeover and you’ll leave with enough seasonal marketing ideas to take you through until next Christmas!

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