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Seasonal Marketing (revisited)
14 Oct 2022

In 2021 we spoke about ‘the pumpkin spice phenomenon’, more frequently known as seasonal marketing. It’s one of the most influential forms of marketing, but how has it changed? And how can your business utilise this buying behaviour to its advantage?

Our digital assistant Freya explains all…

Pumpkin spice and everything nice!

So, what is the ‘pumpkin spice phenomenon’?

The start of autumn is marked by the changing colour and the fall of the leaves, but the return of ‘pumpkin spiced’ drinks and cinnamon flavoured treats is definitely in the running as one of the top signs too! 

Coffee chains such as Starbucks and Costa Coffee have become synonymous with the arrival of a new season, with the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte reported as the best selling drink of all time. But, if this flavour is so craved for, why don’t we have it all year round?

The answer is simple. We only crave it because it represents both a new chapter in the year and a sense of nostalgia from previous years.

Generally, we fear change as human beings; although we enjoy welcoming something new, the return of a drink associated with consistency has a profound effect on our buying behaviours (think of the emotional reaction shown by the food critic in Ratatouille when he takes his first bite).

A door wreath for every season

If you pay a visit to businesses such as Apley Farm Shop or Anthony’s of Wellington during any month ending in ‘ber’ you will be greeted by goodies and candles resembling the scent of the holidays!

With hoards of people venturing to these shops for their seasonal fix, it’s impossible not to recognise the power adding a pumpkin or snowflake to a product has - with consumers frequently paying extra for a seasonal product.

With a door wreath for every season, holiday and what feels like every day of the week, there are so many possibilities for your business to promote a seasonal product. After all, consumers are calling for it…

Seasonal products

While we usually witness the power of seasonal marketing once autumn arrives, it’s important not to forget this form of marketing doesn’t just apply to the meteorological seasons, but rather relates to any trend, key date or event.

Some of these events include Christmas, Oktoberfest, Easter, and Valentine’s Day.

As seasonal marketing is one of the most successful ways to capture your consumers’ attention, it may be worth focusing communications on a seasonal product to avoid missing out on a fantastic opportunity.

This could be anything from a branded stein from Chrisbeon’s VIP area at Shropshire Oktoberfest or a voucher for a romantic weekend away at The Prince Rupert Hotel or The Wroxeter, making the perfect gift for February 14th.

Linking your logo

Slipping a spider into your logo for Halloween, adding bunny ears to your team’s pictures during Easter or changing your branding to red during the Christmas season are just three ways your logo can be adapted for the time of year.

Doing this is a fun way to acknowledge the season you are in without costing the earth. Plus it can be exciting for your customers to see you mixing things up every now and then - after all, things can get boring if they remain the same for too long.

How can J&PR help?

If you’d like to use seasonal marketing to your advantage but are unsure where to start, our team is ready to give you a helping hand!

So, whether you’d like to share a blog about your upcoming seasonal product or would prefer a social schedule promoting a seasonal discount code - we’re here to help! Email us at info@jandpr.com for more information.