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School celebrates sporting accolade
03 Feb 2017
by Kirsty Smallman

A school in Shrewsbury has been presented with a special award for its commitment to encouraging youngsters to play sport – both within school and in the community.


Prestfelde School has been given the School Games Silver Kitemark Award – a Government scheme which highlights schools who provide an excellent range of competitive sports opportunities for pupils.

Tina Owen, head of girls games at Prestfelde, said the award was a real accolade for the school.

“Sport plays a big part in the children’s development here at Prestfelde,” she said. “We feel that competitive sport teaches children a lot about challenging themselves and trying their best.

“I was very proud to pick up the School Games Silver Kitemark Award on behalf of the school, and we are now proudly displaying the award for all to see.

“It’s really good news for parents because it shows that their children are being given a wide range of opportunities to participate in competitive sport, which stands them in excellent stead for later life.

“We are delighted with the award and are already working hard to further improve the opportunities available to those children who don’t necessarily see themselves as ‘sporty’ as well as those who naturally enjoy it.”

The awards scheme is part of the Government’s School Games initiative, which is designed to get as many children as possible involved with sport.

Organisers said: “The world is a competitive place with challenges and pressures on all our lives to stand out from the crowd or to be successful.

“What better place, then, to learn the lessons of what it takes to be your best, to be creative, and to accept winning and deal with losing than school sport? The School Games is all about being the best you can be.
“To help with this, there are a set of values developed by young people called the Spirit of the Games. These values are self belief, honesty, teamwork, respect, determination and passion.”

For more information about Prestfelde School, a co-educational preparatory school in Shrewsbury, visit the website at www.prestfelde.co.uk or call 01743 245400.