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Scholarship success at Prestfelde
01 Jun 2017
by Kirsty Smallman

An independent prep school in Shrewsbury is celebrating after no less than 26 pupils achieved 13+ scholarships at a number of high profile secondary schools and colleges.

The youngsters from Prestfelde School impressed across a range of academic, music, art and sporting scholarships, winning places at Shrewsbury School, Moreton Hall, Malvern College, Concord College, Oakham School and Wrekin College.

Head of Prestfelde, Fiona Orchard, led the congratulations to the children on a fantastic set of results.

“We are so pleased for the children because they worked so hard, these results are very much deserved,” she said.

“Working towards a scholarship is a lot of extra commitment on top of their schoolwork and we are delighted that so many have made it to their chosen schools.

“We are always careful not to put undue pressure on the pupils applying for scholarships, and it has been so pleasing to see how they have taken responsibility for their own learning to achieve success.

“A huge well done to all of them!”

The full list of scholarships is as follows:

Shrewsbury School

Sushant Amarnath and Jamie Davis – Butler scholarships (academic)

Dylan Tyack and Theo Parsons – Kennedy scholarships (academic)

Christian Nicholls – Allington scholarship (academic)

Theo Parsons and Rory McDonald-O’Brien – All-rounder scholarships

William Lewin, Harry Slater, Dom Zaza, William Hartley – Sports scholarships

Jamie Davis, Henry Lees, Christian Nicholls, Henry Griffiths – Music scholarships

Moreton Hall

Zoe Tse – Bronwen Lloyd Williams Scholarship Award. For the candidate who demonstrates outstanding abilities and talents

Eloise Jones – All-rounder scholarship

Malvern College

Harry Slater – Sports Exhibition

Will Hartley – Sports Scholarship

Concord College

Sushant Armarnath – Maths scholarship

Oakham School

William Lewin – Sports scholarship

Wrekin College

Sean Wentel – Academic, sports exhibition and music scholarship

Zoe Tse – Academic, sport, art scholarships

Rory McDonald-O’Brien – Pendle exhibition and sports scholarship

Christian Nicholls – Academic and music scholarship

Phoebe Cooper – Sports exhibition