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Rolls-Royce fleet rolls into Shropshire for rare line-up
27 May 2016
by Rhea Alton

A line-up of Britain’s finest cars rolled into Shropshire today (Friday, May 27) for an exclusive event at a historic country hotel.
It’s the first time luxury car manufacturer Rolls-Royce has brought its entire fleet of vehicles, including the newly launched convertible Dawn model, to the county.
The impressive line-up was showcased at the Mercure Shrewsbury Albrighton Hall Hotel on Ellesmere Road, where a handful of specially invited guests were given the opportunity to test drive the vehicles, which boasted a combined price tag in excess of £1.5million.
The new Dawn model, dubbed the world’s most luxurious convertible, was officially unveiled by Rolls-Royce via a revolutionary digital press conference in March and then launched to the media in South Africa.
“This very special moment represented one of the first times UK customers have had the opportunity to find out for themselves why Dawn has been declared the most glamorous and luxurious convertible in the world,” said Kevin Simpson, Brand Ambassador for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Manchester.
“Albrighton Hall Hotel and the stunning Shropshire countryside has proven to be the perfect setting for this extraordinary collection of bespoke Rolls-Royce motor cars.”
Vehicles on display at the hotel today were driven in convoy from Rolls-Royce’s Cheshire dealership in Knutsford, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Manchester.
Mr Simpson added : “We had considered holding the event further north but the problem with that is the journey would have been all motorway.
“Coming south to Shropshire is a much quieter and more scenic drive.
“I stumbled on Albrighton Hall Hotel during a recent visit to the county and thought it was the perfect venue with its stunning grounds and driveway.”
Businessman and hotel owner Peter Cashman has recently invested £2million into the hotel and part of the programme of refurbishment included laying a new driveway and sprucing up the extensive gardens.
Mrs Sibbald-Wall said: “It’s been a real honour to welcome Rolls-Royce and its guests to the hotel for this event.
“The line-up of vehicles outside the hotel was very impressive. They are very striking cars and caught the attention of all our guests staying at the hotel.
“We are extremely proud to have brought the world’s most celebrated luxury brand brand to Shropshire.”