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Robin Hood panto star looks forward to Shrewsbury tour stop
13 Mar 2015
by Rhea Alton

Former Emmerdale star and CITV’s Hi-5 Chris Edgerley is hoping not to forget his lines when he takes to the stage at Shrewsbury’s Theatre Severn as Robin Hood on March 29. But, if he does, he is relying on one of his fellow cast members to rescue him. The J&PR team caught up with Chris ahead of the panto tour and this is what he had to say about Shrewsbury, missing home and his favourite shows.

Do you know anything about Shrewsbury, have you visited before and what are you most looking forward to when you get here?
“I have never visited Shrewsbury before but heard lots of amazing things about the town and Theatre Severn, so I am very excited to visit. I am most looking forward to meeting and performing for Shrewsbury’s terrific theatre crowd.”

What do you enjoy most about the part you are playing in Robin Hood?
“I love being Robin Hood, he has a lot more feistiness than a normal prince charming – he gets to woo Marian, fight the Sheriff, and of course rob the rich to give the poor. It’s an adventure story and it’s lots of fun to play.”

Without giving too much away, what do you think children and parents coming to watch the panto will enjoy most?
“I think they will adore the songs and be amazed by the animations and projections which open like a storybook. Each page turned is the opening of the next scene, it’s truly magical. This is unique and will feed everyones imagination – a lot of work has gone into this brand new show.”

How different is panto to what you normally do and what do you love most about being on tour?
“I love panto and being on stage. It is very different to being in a studio filming for TV or presenting, but so much better as you get to feed off the audience and see their immediate reactions.  Going on tour is great as we get to share the show with audiences all over the country.”

Do you miss being at home when you’re on tour and is there any one thing you always take with you to remind you of home?
“I do always miss being away from home – but Robin Hood is also going to Southport (my home town where my family are) and it is there on my mum’s 60th birthday, so that is just too perfect.I am soo happy I get to be there. We are doing a lot of London venues (where I live) so I will get to be at home for a lot of them too.”

Is it likely that you will forget your lines at least once during the panto tour and do you have a back-up plan if this happens?
“It is terrifying if you do forget your lines, although the audience do love it when things go wrong.  I am not planning on forgetting any lines, ha, but if I were to, I am sure, and hope, one of the team will dive in and rescue me.”

Do you collect souvenirs from the towns you visit whilst on tour, if so what is the most unusual thing you have collected?
“I used to collect magnets from all towns and cities I visited on tour and when on holidays, but my radiator and now my boiler are full so I do need a new souvenir to collect from each town, so if you can think of anything please do tweet me @ChrisEdgerley with your ideas.”

What do you like to do on tour when you are not on stage performing? Do you get chance to relax, if so, how?
“Tour is a mad time and not much time is free. Mostly when not doing the show we are either travelling, eating or sleeping. But I do hope to catch the odd half an hour to go to the high streets for a coffee and look about – I love exploring new towns.”

What is your favourite pantomime or show?
“Of course Robin Hood is my favourite show! You gotta come see us at Theatre Severn on Sunday March 29, definitely worth seeing – you will not regret it.”

If you could perform in any one show what would it be?
“I love farce and comedy so I would love to be in something like HayFever – all cowards are superb. But for now Robin Hood is brilliant – I get the be a hero for a few hours each day!”

For more information about the show or to book tickets for Robin Hood and his Merry Men click here or contact 01743 281281.