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Review: Henning Wehn at Theatre Severn
15 Oct 2015
by Dani Wozencroft

Henning Wehn is German.

If you weren’t aware then (where have you been?) you will be very soon after the start of his latest show Eins, Zwei, DIY.

And no one can blame the comedian for making the most of coming from a country with –allegedly – no sense of humour. And as he freely admits, he ‘German’s it up’ on stage.

At one point I thought that was all we were going to hear about, but the show got progressively funnier as it went on, observing British culture and littering the script with cockney phrases.

Once you take away the novelty of his nationality, the routine comes into its own.

Do you rate having a laugh over logic? Do you enjoy the 12 months of British Christmas? Do you know you don’t have to pay a lot to live in this area? You could just move to Telford instead…

The comic’s show at Theatre Severn in Shrewsbury last night was a constant dripping of one liners and humorous observations.  After a short 36 minute first half his routine turned up a gear after the interval.

But beside a tool box with a replica World Cup trophy, various posters and a phrase book inside, there wasn’t much DIY about his show. Another point which he admits, he just liked the title and the outfit for the promotional posters.

He engaged with the audience and at times had them in stitches.

Worth a watch and particularly refreshing when exploring his new themes.

For more details on Henning When and his shows visit his website www.henningwehn.de.