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Relaxing In Good Hands…..
01 Jan 2014
by Rhea Alton

Having a client who is a massage therapist really can prove very beneficial at times……….

Tessa Kirk, of In Good Hands Massage http://www.ingoodhandsmassage.co.uk/ paid me a visit today at my home, and brought along her massage table.

Tessa is great, not only because she does massage to promote good health as well as a pampering treat, but because she is perfectly happy to do a massage and keep an eye on my seven-month old at the same time.

A massage is never easy to fit in when you are a working mum so to know someone who can come to me, entertain my child, and work on me for as long or as little as I want is great.

It also helps me understand how to promote Tessa’s business. She is passionate about using massage to help people who not only have aches and pains, stresses, and problems that need ironing out but to keep people healthy in both body and mind with regular massage work.

One of the really nice things about working with someone whose business helps others is the feeling that dozens of people will benefit. It’s almost as good as the feeling I get after a massage….but not quite!