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Recycle Week is time to act
25 Sep 2019
by Rebecca Dutton

Chrisbeon’s Craig and Richard Hughes with a chair made of recycled bottles that is on display in the Telford showroom.

A Shropshire company is encouraging people to think about what they can do to help the environment by getting involved in a special event this month (SEPT).

Recycle Week 2019 runs from September 23 to 29 with a theme of ‘Recycling: It’s in Our Own Hands’. Organisers say last year Britain woke up to recycling and 2019 is the year we are all taking action.

Office supplies firm Chrisbeon, with showrooms in Shrewsbury and Telford, has an ongoing environmentally-friendly policy with regards to the way it operates and the products it sells and today urged businesses and individuals to use Recycle Week as an opportunity to change the way we treat our environment.

Richard Hughes, of Chrisbeon, said: “The environment makes big news virtually every day of the week and it’s only too clear steps need to be taken to reverse awful trends that have been pursued for so many years.

“It’s not easy and there is still a feeling among many that one person or one business can’t make the sort of difference needed to ensure a future for the generations that follow, but if we all do something now and get into the right frame of mind then it has to be worth it.

“I believe we should all use Recycling Week as a focal point where we say we will make a real effort and then be prepared to carry it on – a sort of New Year’s resolution in September!

“We took the decision as a company some time ago to do something about the environment and take recycling and the use of recycled materials extremely seriously.

“There are recycled ink cartridges and toners, for example, and we use furniture and paper products that are Forest Stewardship Council accredited, meaning all trees used in their manufacture are replaced, sustaining forests and woodlands.

“Things like shredding and recycling our office paper, making sure cardboard and packaging removed from products after delivery or installation are recycled back at our warehouse and printing catalogues on recycled paper while we continue to move to online versions are just some of the steps we are taking.

“We also felt it important to inform customers, through a system of icons in our catalogues, of items which have been recycled, are suitable for recycling or are environmentally preferred products.

“I sincerely hope people will take the time to think about Recycle Week, embrace its message and act accordingly – it appears a pretty bleak future if we don’t!”