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Reactive PR and why ex-journalists are so good at it
02 Dec 2015
by Rhea Alton

Hours spent bashing out copy, reporting breaking news, deciphering political jargon and hitting deadline after deadline means most ex-journalists who now work in the PR world are pretty adept at spotting a good, interesting and most of all newsworthy story to write into a press release for clients.
But, where ex-journalists truly excel in the PR world is in their ability to provide sound and relevant reactive PR on behalf of clients.
Whether it be providing a straight quote or writing a press release with a new line for a national or local story – ex-journalists have the knowledge, experience and instinct to do this well. They just know what the media want.
Take for example on a local level the recent closure of Ironbridge Power Station, and the Government’s Spending Review and Autumn Statement on the national stage – both topics we observed with interest so we could prepare interesting and timely reactive statements for the media on behalf of businesses we represent.
And both, we are pleased to say, got great coverage in the regional press.
Then, of course there is the kind of reactive PR which comes in the form of requests from local media for comments and interviews on a specific subject they are writing about or featuring.
Often reporters are on a tight deadline so those PR professionals with a background in journalism know how to act fast to get copy across and secure good editorial opportunities for clients.
Reactive PR, if done well, is powerful and gets results.
That’s why here at J&PR we are proud to boast a team of directors and account managers with a wealth of journalistic skills, experience and knowledge who can react fast and effectively for our clients.