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Prescription deliveries reach record high for Shrewsbury Pharmacy
10 Feb 2016
by Rhea Alton

More and more patients are having their prescriptions delivered to home, according to a Shropshire pharmacy which has seen its delivery figures reach a record high.
Lunts Pharmacies, which has two pharmacies in Shrewsbury, has been providing a prescription delivery service to residents living within the town for more than 20 years.
But, in recent months the family – operated pharmacy chain, which also has outlets in Craven Arms and Pontesbury, has received an increase in requests for the service.
In November and December the number of deliveries exceeded more than 80 per day.
Throughout January the number of deliveries has also continued to rise.
Ian Swindell, superintendent pharmacist for Lunts Pharmacies, said: “During the last six months or so there has certainly been an increasing number of patients requesting that their prescriptions be delivered to home.
“It is more convenient for some patients especially older people and those who are less mobile or don’t drive.
“We currently have one delivery van and two drivers serving the Shrewsbury area and most days they are pretty flat out.
“I think these days with more people relying on home delivery services for groceries and other items, it’s important we keep up with the times.
“The service is valued by many of our customers. It is an effective way to ensure patients receive the medication they need on time.
“For our elderly patients, particularly those who don’t have family nearby, it is lifeline service.”
Patients signing up the prescription delivery service must be available at home to receive each delivery.
Mr Swindell stressed: “Our drivers require a signature from patients in order to be able to successfully deliver prescriptions. It means the service is only really suitable for those patients who are housebound and will be in to recive each delivery they order.”
Lunts Pharmacies has been serving Shropshire communities for more than 40 years.
Patients interested in finding out more about the delivery service can speak to staff located at either Hereford Road or Roushill.
The delivery service in the Pontesbury area is currently restricted to elderly patients and those with limited mobility.