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PR, sponsorship and you!
17 Sep 2021
by Rhea Alton

Do you sponsor an event or support a local organisation?

Do your staff volunteer at a charity or are they taking part in a fundraising event?

So many businesses add value to their local community but more often than not they are not sharing their good deeds on their website or social media platforms.

Why should you share what you do?

Giving back to the community is an excellent way to promote your business - and the organisations and charities you are supporting will really appreciate you raising awareness with press, publicity and social media.

But we speak to, and work with, so many businesses that have never included the great work that they do in their PR planning - many do mention it….but there is so much more that can be done..

Whether it’s a lack of time, an insufficient understanding of social media or a dislike for self promotion, we know that there are a number of reasons that businesses don’t share their contributions and sponsorship on social media.

But it really is a wasted opportunity not to share your contribution and support - for your business and those you are helping.

Using PR to self-promote

There are a number of ways that you can utilise your PR and social media to showcase your sponsorship and support.

  • Write and issue a press release to the local press - invite a photographer to attend a photocall to promote the event, organisation or charity and go along to be in the photo.
  • Write a blog post announcing that you’ll be sponsoring/supporting this year’s event and link to their web presence to encourage attendance or further support from other businesses for the cause.
  • When you attend the event post regular updates on your Instagram story of the ‘behind the scenes’ and what is happening.
  • Make the most of the event or organisation’s promotion of your business and reshare everything that they tag you in.
  • Write a press release after the event promoting how much money was raised or what was achieved for the local community and share it with the press - with another photocall organised if relevant.
  • Add logos to your website or email footer, or even a business tagline.


Sponsoring events and supporting charities is also a great way to meet new people - and potential customers. Explain why you are there, how and why you are supporting the organisations and what your business does.

People love to see the faces behind a business so if you are sponsoring or supporting make sure you have a representative there to be that face - if it is not a specific event maybe pay a visit to the organisation and introduce yourself or just have a cup of tea (and make sure you share your visit on your social platforms).

LinkedIn is a great place to tag in all you meet and connect with them for the future.

Show potential customers your ethos

When people are choosing what business to use or what product to use they like to know that the company behind it is a good company with great values - by sharing what you do to support the community you are giving them an insight into this.

It may very well be what firms up your customers' decision to choose you….