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PR and Social Media Training - it never ends!
15 Oct 2021
by Kirsty Smallman

Professional development is important for businesses across all industries; developing your knowledge is a fantastic way to develop your business! We’re big on training at J&PR… from the team participating in training to offering training sessions in our areas of expertise.

That’s right, we offer social media and PR training so that you can learn the ropes!

What do we offer? 

We host our “Two-hour Takeovers”, our bespoke in-house social media training, and are able to host training on behalf of other organisations such as our regular Shropshire Chamber of Commerce PR and social media courses. 

Our Chamber courses are available to all and, depending on your membership, may even be free for you. 

The next one - and our new one - is our half day Insta for Business before our next Digital PR and Social Media course in November 2021.

Do you want a more tailored experience?

If you want it all to be about you - and only you - then our Two-hour Takeover sessions with one of the J&PR experts focus on exactly what you need - Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google My Business, or create your PR plan and first press release, start blogging or maybe refresh your website content together with the content creators of J&PR.

Client testimonials

Here are some of the comments following our first face-to-face Chamber training course - the first since February 2020! It was amazing to be back in the training room.

“Really useful to learn more about content and structuring social media and PR. Given lots of ideas for how we can develop our own social media to make it more engaging.”

Lauren Crompton, Triangle HR.

“How to present social media posts - it was useful to learn what content to post.

“I thought it was all useful information to learn.”

Jessica Ball, Laser Clays Entertainment Ltd.

“Understanding PR and social media, I found the parts about social media most helpful - I’ll be able to apply skills learned in day to day tasks at work.”

Jasmine Fairley, Iron and Fire Coffee Ltd.

“Fantastic to learn about the digital engagement opportunities we’ve been missing such as Google My Business. Lots of information and advice to apply to my work and improve output which is what I was looking for from the course - really well delivered.”

Lauren Doughty, Soldiers of Shropshire Museum.

“Really good introduction into social media and PR. Lots of good points to improve engagement and outreach.”

Alex Brown, Shropshire Chamber of Commerce.

“A really good cover of so many aspects with excellent tips etc. Clarified many things like LinkedIn with up to date and practical information - I feel inspired to further improve on content, social media and press releases.”

Rebecca Dove-Thomas, Shrewsbury Canoe Hire.

“Examples were good and very relatable to the real world. Depth of experience was excellent. Delivery was very good.”

Katie Leese, Iron and Fire Coffee.

Do you want in?

We would love to help you take your social media and PR to the next level. 

To book a session, give Kirsty a call on 07811749489 or email her at Kirsty@jandpr.com to talk it through. She’ll also be able to guide you on which training sessions would benefit you the most.