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The hidden gem of using a PR agency
02 Sep 2022
by Sophie Coombs

When you think of the benefits of using a PR agency, what comes to mind? 

It’s probably the fact you have access to an experienced comms team for the price of one member of staff’s salary (or less!), right?

This is absolutely a benefit, but there’s one secret gem that comes with choosing to use a PR agency… its contacts!

Clients don’t need added competition…

We only ever take on one client from each industry and will make sure there are no conflicts of interest between similar clients if we are onboarding. 

Why? Because we want clients to flourish, not to compete with someone else we’re working with!

Clients need clients!

We also have the ‘one from each industry’ rule because it means our clients can be referred to one another. 

If we’re working with a local charity and a client wishes to do some fundraising, we know where to send them!

A recent example of how we do this happened to our client MSM Vets, a new business which has just bought its premises in Telford. The building had quite literally been abandoned during the pandemic and was full of office furniture… something a team of veterinary surgeons don’t need much of! 

In comes our long-term client, Chrisbeon, which buys pre-loved furniture in a sustainable and affordable push for its customers. 

One client has its problem solved, the other has more stock to sell, and nothing has to go to landfill - a win, win, win!

We’re people people

Of course, we don’t just recommend clients to other clients. 

The vast majority (if not all) of people who work in PR are naturally sociable… and we’re certainly no exception!

Using a PR agency is often like having someone doing your networking for you - particularly if you have an account director like Kirsty (AKA Google!).

Not only do we regularly refer clients to each other, but we also have contacts across Shropshire and beyond - so why wouldn’t we recommend a client if one of those contacts is in need?

Whether that’s a networking group with a new space, a business looking for some training, wanting to do its bit for charity, or someone in need of specific services… we have amazing clients and we’re going to refer them!

Want to find out if you could benefit from our PR superpowers? Get in touch at info@jandpr.com