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Pharmacy staff help to raise awareness of diabetes
08 Jun 2016
by Rhea Alton

Staff at a family-run group of pharmacies in Shropshire will be supporting people with diabetes this month by helping to educate the public about the condition.
With 3.5 million in the UK diagnosed with diabetes Ian Swindell, Superintendent Pharmacist for Lunts Pharmacies, said it was important to raise greater awareness of the condition.
From June 12 to June 18 staff at Lunts Pharmacies in Shrewsbury, Pontesbury and Craven Arms will be providing information to the public and offering support to those living with diabetes.
The push to raise awareness coincides with Diabetes Week – a national campaign to run by Diabetes UK.
This year the campaign will focus on ‘Setting the Record Straight’ and is aimed at dispelling the myths and misconceptions surrounding diabetes.
Mr Swindell said: “Many people don’t know the basic facts about diabetes and this is something we are aiming to put right during Diabetes Week.
“With so many people already diagnosed with the condition it’s very important that people have a better understanding of what diabetes means and its effects on the body.
“For example, many people believe that if you have diabetes you are unable to eat sweet foods or sugar but this isn’t the case. People with diabetes should try to keep a healthy balanced diet and this includes eating some foods with sugar.
“It’s also widely thought that people with diabetes are not safe to drive but again this is not so. Research shows those people who have good control over their condition are no less safe on the roads.
“There are of course lots of other myths and misconceptions and people can find out more on the website www.diabetes.org.uk.
“We would encourage anyone who has any concerns about diabetes to pop in and have a chat to our pharmacists who will be able to advise on helpful next steps.”
For more information on Lunts Pharmacies visit the website https://lunts.net/.