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Peppa Pig is coming to Shrewsbury
16 Feb 2016
by Rebecca Dutton

Now I may be the only mother in the whole world (slight exaggeration perhaps) who can honestly say I have hardly ever watched Peppa Pig.

That’s not because I don’t sit with my nearly four-year-old when he does watch television but just because he is into other things – mainly dinosaur related (yes I know George has a dinosaur),  Paw Patrol (don’t ask) or Fireman Sam (it’s been an obsession for over a year). He seems to get stuck on a particular show and not want to watch anything else.

However, when I heard Peppa Pig’s Surprise was coming to Shrewsbury’s Theatre Severn, I lept at the chance to take Lewis for a fourth birthday treat. The show actually falls on his birthday so it seemed the perfect opportunity!  He was very excited when I told him too as he has read quite a few of the Peppa Pig books and claims he can remember when he saw a previous Peppa Pig show at the theatre for his second birthday. He may well recollect it as he was completely captivated.

And that is the reason why I want to take him. I absolutely love taking Lewis to the theatre and watching his face as he is spellbound by the activities on stage. He sits so still, right on the edge of his seat, just enthralled by whatever is happening on the stage.

Even though he doesn’t know all the Peppa Pig stories inside out like some children, I know he will still love watching the show and will be joining in when they have to shout, dance or sing. Going to the theatre is an experience in itself and one which I try to do as much as I can with him.

Peppa Pig at the theatre is always full of fun and this time there are new songs and new life size puppets. I know he will adore it – and I can’t wait to watch him watching it!

For full details on the programme at Theatre Severn visit www.theatresevern.co.uk or call 01743 281281 and to find out what other venues are included in the tour visit www.peppapiglive.com.

Peppa Pig's Surprise

Peppa Pig’s Surprise